On a very basic level, your donation will help me to compete. As you likely know, the cost of seeking a seat on the Select Board in Plymouth has skyrocketed recently. I won't be surprised to see a candidate raise - and spend - $25,000 or more in 2023. Perhaps we should have spending caps on local elections, but for now, I hope to be able to have the funds required to provide the basic tools for a successful campaign: sad to say that will include lawn signs (not my favorite), a website, promotional items (buttons, banners, postcards perhaps).

I'd also hope that you would weigh in on what you feel I should spend the funds on. I am not convinced that mass mailings are money well spent, not for a local campaign where name recognition is important.

This is a big town, a very big town, so I will likely need funds for shoes (just kidding): though I do expect to do a lot of canvassing. I hope to meet with people in all 18 precincts.

In any case, I sincerely appreciate your generosity and want you to know that I will not simply spend to try and match any opponents, but will do so thoughtfully and with an emphasis on those things that are issue-oriented.

Of course, the most powerful 'currency' of any campaign is 'word of mouth.' Please ask your friends and family to give me one of the two votes they have for Selectperson on May 20, 2023. 

Thanks again, Frank